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Welcome to Tenwek Hospital College ~ School of Chaplaincy.

Message from the Principal

I am glad that you have chosen to read these words of welcome. The School of Chaplaincy is a specialised training institution whose motto is to ‘Equip Chaplains for Wholistic Service’ and we are committed to training wholesome Chaplains who will meet the spiritual needs of children of God serving in various capacities in our educational institutions, military formations, correctional establishments and during events outside the four corners of the church.

With an extensive experience spanning over 29 years, the School of Chaplaincy is equipped with resources and a wealth of experience that makes as a premier institution in Kenya and across East Africa that focuses on training Chaplains to serve.

Our School is surrounded by various institutions including Tenwek Hospital, several educational institutions including primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, correctional facilities, sports teams based at Silibwet and so much more, creating a conducive learning and practicing environment for our scholars.

Also embedded in deep Christian roots, the students will be taught and mentored by great scholars in the fields of learning with utmost dedication and commitment. The School prides itself in the current curriculum that is competency based and aligned to the special training needs of a Chaplain as informed by a comprehensive study on Chaplaincy training needs analysis undertaken in various institutions in the country. The diverse modes of offering the curriculum is an advantage that anyone would want to maximize. Both International and local students who could be challenged by distance are also not left behind as they can still enroll for interactive online studies.

We strongly believe that God has called some to be Chaplains and they are burning with great passion as expressed by the great apostle “To the Jew, I became like a Jew, to win the Jews …To the weak I became weak to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means, some might be saved.”1 Corinthians 9:19-22. If these words resonate with you or you know of anyone with such longings, the School of Chaplaincy is the place for you and them. Come and we will support your God given calling to fruitfulness.

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