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Our Courses

Chaplaincy Levels 5 and 6 qualifications consist of competencies that an individual must achieve to enable him/her to be certified as a chaplain. The two levels shall be examined by CDACC.

A Chaplain is a priest or a minister who can demonstrate competency in administering to the spiritual needs of persons from diverse faith backgrounds or no faith background, within a given institution, including but not limited to: hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, business/corporate settings, NGOs, sports organizations, airports, police departments, fire departments, military, correctional institutions, intelligence agencies, government bodies, etc.
Therefore, a Chaplain is a uniquely-trained person who can carry out these responsibilities. These responsibilities comprise 30 units of competency training in Chaplaincy Diploma level.

Certificate in chaplaincy

Certificate in Chaplaincy (level 5) is an introductory level to chaplaincy studies that targets students with the qualification of KCSE D (Plain) and above. It shall be a build up to the Diploma program. The program shall be launched in January 2021. You can apply NOW.

Diploma in Chaplaincy

Diploma in Chaplaincy (Level 6) program is an advanced level that is envisioned to prepare chaplains at a higher level of discharging their roles appropriately. geared shall also be launched in January 2021. The program has been designed to take 2 years offered in six (6) trimesters.

The current Certificate and Diploma in Chaplaincy will introduce these specialized areas of chaplaincy to be continued in other levels and beyond.

Healthcare Chaplaincy

Serving in environments of sickness, pain, birth, death – including Hospital and Hospice Chaplaincy.

Military Chaplaincy

Providing counseling and spiritual support for military personnel and families.

Educational Chaplaincy

Serving the spiritual needs of students, teachers, administrators, and support staff at all levels of education, from primary school to higher education.

Police Chaplaincy

Providing counseling and spiritual support for police officers, employees and families.

Prison (or Correctional Ministry) Chaplaincy

Supporting inmates, officers and their families with counseling and spiritual care in men’s and women’s prisons, borstal institutions (youth offenders), rehabilitation schools and probation departments.

Future programs

The school envisions developing other areas of specialty training in chaplaincy alongside other study levels to propel chaplaincy as an area of professional growth.

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